SALDA UAB –  the European leader in production of ventilation equipment and steel products manufacturer according customers specification.

Manufacturing system - concept to sheet metal working and reduced manufacturing costs.
Automatic loading and unloading, sorting, integrated punching, bending, storing.

CNC Laser cutting.
Carbon steel sheets max 12x1500x3000mm;
Aluminum, zinced and stainless steel sheets max 4x1500x3000mm. 

Lazer cutting

Detail punching with coordinate punching press.

Punching Punching

Steel sheet bending.
Sheet steel thickness 0,5-3mm, length 3000mm. 
Lankstymas Lankstymas Lankstymas




Metal stamping. 
Metal stamping

Steel sheet roll-forming, sheet metal spinning.
Roll forming

Zinced steel uncoiling and cutting into sheets or stripes.

Max steel thickness 1,5mm;
Max sheet length 3000mm;
Max coil weight 15t;Coil ID 50-60cm.

Uncoilind Uncoiling Stripes
CNC Zinced sheet perforating.

Max steel sheet dimensions 0,7x1250x2500mm.

Perforavimas Perforavimas

SALDA UAB developed, implemented and certified quality and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.  

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